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Art- Calendar "Golf  by Udo A. Heinrich"  for the benefit of "KidSwing"

 pictures of the calendar, overwiew (pdf)

Kid-Swing - Golf as a Therapy

Handicaps and sicknesses imply a number of limitations: a restricted performance, a sense of impossibility and, as a consequence, a form of social exclusion. More often than not, many chances, possibilities and perspectives  appear to be inaccesible to the physically challenged.

In this context, the sport of golf taken as a therapy can encourage a personís will and provide a channel to break through this vicious circle. Many people still consider golf as a sport of the elite. Hardly anybody knows, though, that golf can serve as a very successful method of rehabilitation.

The coordinate and precise sequence of movements and, in addition, the mental challenge of the sport, make golf an effective form of therapy. Moreover, playing golf will help to raise a personís self-esteem and vitality. Especially for people in a wheelchair or those suffering from amputation, golf provides a physiologically useful therapeutical method; and even severly visually impaired persons or the blind can benefit from golf. Due to the fact that the ball rests, the player has to act but does not need to react.

KidSwing is a  programme of the Deutsche Kinderhilfe Direkt in Cooperation with the Behinderten Golf Club Deutschland e.V.