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Year / Period Udo was born, grew up and lived for many years at the Lower Rhine (Germany).
1965  After drawing and painting lessons with various artists, he started  his career with award winning pen and ink drawings.
1970s Themes  are principally landscapes in watercolour. Already these landscapes show the intention of the painter: to transform a natural impression without academic deviations into an artwork of light and colour.
1980s  Works principally in mixed media. Subjects: Landscapes, flowers.

New media: acrylic. Udo A. Heinrich was impressed by the high brilliance. He mixes the colours with the brush on the painting ground and paints in several layers. By this he obtains a high illuminating power which is characteristically for his pictures. Subjects: Landscapes and sea.

Beginning of the 90s  First trip to Florida / USA. The painter is sold on the light and finds here a second home for several years. His pictures, painted under the sun of the south are well-accepted by the Americans. Further study trips to Mauritius, United Arab Emirates, the Carribean.
Beginning of the 2000s

Painting with oil colours and mixed media with oil  and ayrclic. The artist starts  two new series of paintings. One is devoted to golfing, the other titled "sex appeal of flowers".

The artist lives with his wife in the country near Leipzig, one of the art metropolis in Germany. But during wintertime he is more gravitated by sunny and warm regions. Therefore, since winter 2005 / 06 he has established - after various visits to the Canary Islands -  his winter studio in Las Palmas.
Currently he started a new series of paintings. Theme is: "profiles + connections", showing high profiled persons and at least one of their relations.

 2008New series about enviromental problems / solutions first shown at   the German Consulate in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria