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We apologize that this site does not show all the newest art by Udo A. Heinrich, but  would like to announce hereby, that a new web site will be provided soon.

08.24.2010: Watch this clip to get a glips of Udo´s art & renewables at YouTube...

"Art cannot chance the world - but it can stimulate dialogue!"

There will be more space to present many art works of the artists series of "Action Art",  that since some years the artist devoted to environmental themes and clean energy.

Meanwhile, here are -at least- some links, where you can see some of Udo A. Heinrich`s newest installations / paintings that combine aesthetic and the artists intention to stimulate the viewer on a contemplative level:

Recently some magazines reported more about "art meets renewable energy". Even though these articles are in German, just have a look at the pictures at "Clean Energy Project" and "E-pool.de"

At Udo A. Heinrich´s channel at You Tube some of his work in progress (studies) to the theme "Action Art" can be seen in motion.

By the way: The title "Action Art" was chosen by the artist because on many of his installations some parts are in motion - but this art also wants to create movenments and stimulate dialogue.


Art Domain Leipzig reported about a custom painting devoted to "renewable Energies"...more

Udo A. Heinrich participated on "The Art of Freedome"  Exhibition Miami, Florida, USA             

            He had dreams _ and yes we can

Title: "He had a dream - and yes we can?"

Pictures from the opening: http://exposicionesenmiami.blogspot.com/

Should you be interested to be informed about further news, please sign the contact page.

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